Kitten Care

Town Center Kitten Program



  3 Veterinary Examinations

  Feline Leukemia/ FIV Test

  2 Distemper Vaccines

  Rabies Vaccine

  2 Fecal Checks

  3 General Dewormings with Strongid

  3 Treatments of Heartworm Preventative and Flea Preventative- Revolution 

  3 Counseling Sessions including:  Behavior, Dental Hygiene, Nutrition and Medical

      Prevention options.      

  Kitten’s name and picture on our bulletin board

  $15.00 Gift Certificate towards Spay/Neuter

  10% off future Heartworm and Flea Preventative  (must use before 28 weeks of age)

  10% off any other Wellness Service or Products recommended by the Veterinarian.

      Excludes all other medical, anesthetic or surgical procedures.  (must use before

      28 weeks of age)

Town Center Kitten Program price is $295.00  (~$150 SAVINGS!)

When you purchase the TCVA Kitten Program, you will be required to pay for the plan in full, prior to its start.  You will then receive the procedures included in the plan at the discounted rate.  Program is null and void when kitten reaches 28 weeks of age.  Any medical condition other than wellness or routine (listed above) is at regular or full pricing.